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Rick Edsall

Jul 30, 2014

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Slip Resistant Flooring According to the CTIOA

Slip resistant or non-slip floors are a must for anyone with industrial flooring in their business. It’s important to keep your business as safe of an environment as possible. You don’t want to have employees worrying about injuring themselves on the job simply because the floor is too slippery. Invest some of your time and effort and prepare your flooring to be slip resistant and completely safe for work.

The Slip Resistance Committee of the Ceramic Tile Institute of America (CTIOA) is dedicated to stopping workplace injuries or death caused by slippery flooring. There are five standards set by the CTIOA that measures the slip-resistance of an industrial floor. The range is from R9-R13 with the highest number being the most slip resistant. It is important to have your flooring tested to ensure it is safe enough to work on.

The CTIOA suggest using a method called the variable-angle ramp test. This measures the the slip resistance on wet or lubricated floors. This test is done by people walking on a floor sample and adjusting the angle of the sample until the subject can no longer successfully walk without slipping. The steeper the slope is when the testing is done, the more slip resistant the flooring is.

There are a number of things that can cause such poor conditions on flooring. Some of which are coatings and cleanings as well as chemical and mechanical alterations of the floor. Generally there is a human element involved in causing floors to become less slip resistant but if proper precautions are taken then your workplace will see less injuries, which can save your company money down the road. Clean the floor regularly and check with the manufacturer to see what they recommend to keeping the floor less slippery. Place warning signs when you notice the floors have become too slippery to operate on as well.

Rick Edsall

Jul 8, 2014

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Summit, other Dayton Businesses Benefit from Aileron Business Model


Everyone who has run a business understands the ups and downs that occur over a period of time. Some companies start out fast and start to dive because they can’t keep up. Others struggle to begin and financially suffer until they finally learn how to sell or adapt their products to consumers successfully. In many instances tough times will be inevitable for businesses until they learn to adjust or reshape their business model.

In north Dayton the company Aileron is dedicated to helping struggling business owners discover what went wrong and how to fix their problems. Aileron has been in business since 1996 and was originally focused on helping local Dayton businesses, but word spread quickly. Several business owners from around the world have come to Aileron searching for help.

The founder of Aileron, Clay Mathile, started the company because he himself is the survivor of a struggling business turned into a success. Mathile worked for Iams in the early 70s eventually becoming the owner of the less than $1 million company. He was selling pet food that no one wanted to buy. It took him 10 years to figure out how to fix it. Five to figure out no one wanted to buy it and five to learn how to fix it. Eventually, Mathile sold Iams for $2.3 billion in 1999. He used part of that money to start Aileron.

Mathile wanted to teach other business owners how to successfully change their company for the better and shorten the time it takes for them to adjust their business model. Aileron success has been great for business owners around the country, the world and especially those in the greater Dayton area. One of the many Dayton benefactors of their business model is Summit Industrial Flooring. President Bryan Sowder has profited from the sessions taught by the people of Aileron.

“I have found Aileron to be the most rewarding business education model available. It is literally a blueprint to run your business successfully. The facilitators are industry leaders who are adept at conveying their personal experience and tying it to the D.O.C. model for impact and authenticity. After attending the course, it motivates you to attack the challenges your business presents and equips you with the tools to succeed. Powerful stuff!”

Aileron focuses on identifying many major problems within each company before it is too late. A recent feature in the New York Times has shown that Aileron has become a major success and that they are dedicated to helping business owners understand the importance of identifying what may be holding them back from a successful future.