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Rick Edsall

Aug 27, 2014

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When to Refinish Your Concrete

Concrete is on of the most beautiful, versatile and durable building materials in existence. In fact, due to the aforementioned factors many decorative flooring systems use concrete exclusively. However, although it is extremely tough concrete is not indestructible and is sometimes subject to experiencing wear and tear. Fortunately, this does not always mean that you need to shut down your entire business and replace your whole floor. In many of these cases, concrete floor repair is a simple process. Here are a few signs that you should have your concrete repaired instead of replaced:

Fading and/or discoloration

When a concrete floor’s finish fades to the point of discoloration, it is often assumed that there is no way to recover the beauty that the fixture once held. In fact, the opposite is true. Believe it or not, hidden beneath all of that fading and discoloration is the same beautiful concrete that used to make your room glow. All you need is a professional concrete floor repair service to get the job done.


Before you assume that a garish crack in your concrete floor means that a section, or all of your floor needs to be replaced, you must consult a professional concrete floor repair expert. They will know whether or not the crack warrants a refinishing or total replacement; refinishing is usually the best option.
In addition to refinishing the cracked area, the concrete floor refinishing professional will often reinforce the affected area so that it does not happen again.

Scratches and scuffs

Although they rarely incite a desire to replace a concrete floor, scratches and scuffs that cannot be scrubbed out can seem impossible to remove. Professional concrete refinishing can solve this problem.

Dents and holes

Dents and holes in a highly abused concrete floor are not just ugly. They are also major safety hazards. This can make it seem as though the floor needs to be replaced as soon as possible, this is not the case either.

A concrete floor repair professional not only able to smooth out dents and fill in holes, but they can make it seem as though the damage had never existed in the first place.
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To learn more about how professional concrete refinishing can save your concrete floor, contact Summit Industrial Flooring. They are a top industrial floor coating and surfacing company that has been serving clients for nearly 25 years.

Rick Edsall

Aug 20, 2014

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Concrete Floors and Your Carbon Footprint

As a business in the industrial world, it is important to be concerned about your carbon footprint. Those in the industrial industry are seeking to improve the world around them by delivering some of the most innovative and efficient equipment available on the market. It only makes sense for them to be concerned about their flooring and how it relates to the environment.

Pollutants inside industrial businesses can be more dangerous than outside. “Going green,” when it comes to flooring, is a unique idea, but it is important to note that some techniques of becoming eco-friendly are better than others. Here are a few ways to improve your carbon footprint by starting with your industrial concrete floor.

The first and maybe the easiest way to sustain a healthy carbon footprint is to use industrial flooring that lasts. If you are constantly creating new floors, then it will cause the use of materials being burned and carbon (CO2) being released into the environment. Recycling is so important for the environment because materials are being used over again and new materials don’t have to be wasted to create something this already available. Industrial flooring is the same way. A lot of materials are used, such as sand, water, cement, aggregate and admixtures. There is no reason to waste this if your floor can last for years to come.

Polished floors work well also. They reflect light extremely well, so this will allow you to use less energy with lighting and use daylight as a main source. They also have low maintenance costs, so fewer chemicals will be used to service the floor.

Do your research. Make sure your floor is using materials that are good for the environment and lasts.  When choosing your floor, make sure it is long lasting, has features that allow you to save energy and maintenance costs and uses materials that don’t release CO2.