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Rick Edsall

Feb 10, 2015

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Industrial Floor Coatings – Making the Right Choice

Industrial Floor Coatings

Finishing off your resinous concrete floor with a high quality industrial floor coating is a very economical way to enhance the beauty and utility of your building. Whether you have an area that faces heavy traffic from pedestrians and carts, or if you have laboratory or battery storage area that may need special protection, there is an attractive floor coating for you.
Here are some of the different types of industrial floor coatings and the benefits each of them has.


If you have an industrial type floor that will see only light duty, say maybe a cafeteria or light duty storage room, then you might want to consider a liquid seal floor coating. These are applied in the liquid state and they help to seal your floor for protection. These help protect against scratching, water damage, and chipping of flaking.


For Medium Duty floors you have a choice of liquid seal floor coating or multi layered floors. The liquid seal offers an economical way to protect against sugars and acids and some scratching and chipping. The multi layered industrial floor coatings offer better protection against chipping or flaking and come in a variety of styles and options to give a nice ambiance to your environment.


For heavy duty applications you can apply a heavy duty resin 2-3mm thick. This will offer good protection of the floor from abrasions, scratches and chipping as well as from liquids, sugars and acids. In a hygienic environment you can choose a resin application that will kill bacteria that settle on the floor! Other options include coatings made specifically to withstand rubber abrasions from trolleys and carts or another made to withstand temperature extremes.
Thicker and stronger options are available as well, up to 9mm thick. This is a durable long-lasting coat made for high duty and high traffic areas.  Most are available in different colors and textures.


We all want our floors to fit the environment in which they will be used. This include areas where slips and falls can be especially dangerous or more likely to happen. In this case you may want to put a textured and custom slip resistant top coat on your floor. This will help to reduce accidents and is another way your industrial floor coatings decisions can save your company a lot of money!