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Rick Edsall

Jun 17, 2015

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Concrete Floor Safety

Concrete is a durable and inexpensive material to use in the production of a building. That is why so many manufacturing plants and large construction projects are made with concrete floors. As long as concrete is properly taken care of, not only can it last a long time but it can look superior to many other flooring options out there. Polished concrete flooring, epoxy flooring systems and even decorative or chip/broadcast epoxy systems all help improve the look of the floor, make it easier to clean without stains and ensure the flooring is suitable for just about any condition. However, it is still important to utilize proper concrete floor safety procedures in order to make sure everyone inside of the building, plant or office building remain safe and secure, no matter what is going on.

Clean Up Spills

It is extremely important to clean up any sort of spill that occurs on the floor as quickly as possible. With the epoxy and polished concrete, the pores of the material are no longer exposed, which means it is not going to absorb the liquid like traditionally, exposed concrete. Due to this, it can become a bit slick when moisture is present. Cleaning up any sort of oil and other thicker, darker liquid can help avoid long term stains as well.

Traffic Lanes

Inside of a plant or manufacturing facility, having clearly identified traffic lanes is important. This can be done with proper striping on the concrete. Different stripes can represent different flows of traffic. Some common striping for concrete floor safety includes a yellow stripe for traffic lanes and work cells, white often means an equipment fixture, a blue might represent materials and components, an orange may mean products held for inspection with other color combinations and stirring options available. When everyone has a specific line to follow while navigating through a busy manufacturing plant it helps avoid injuries and makes sure everyone is right where they need to be.

Maintain Epoxy Covering

Over time, the epoxy covering on the floor might start to wear down, especially under heavy traffic. This is why it is important to have it patched and maintained whenever required. This helps the concrete from cracking under the other layers of epoxy that are not damaged. Should concrete start to crack underneath the exposed surface, it can become difficult to prevent any additional damage.