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Katharine Ames

Nov 16, 2016

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Summit Industrial Flooring And Nu-Safe Announce Partnership

Summit Industrial Flooring And Nu-Safe Announce Partnership

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Founded by CCAA-certified Master Craftsman Keith Powell, Summit Industrial Flooring announces an exclusive partnership with Nu-Safe Anti-Slip Floor Solutions. Summit’s Comprehensive Floor Safety systems and experience combined with NuSafe’s extensive product and industry knowledge significantly reduce the risk of employee slip and fall accidents and protect your facility from liability and exposure. 

The National Floor Safety Council of America recorded nearly $70 billion is spent each year on medical expenses and workers’ compensation for slip and fall accidents.  Summit Industrial Flooring’s partnership with Nu-Safe is poised to significantly reduce the number of slip and fall incidents for companies and provide long term solutions for a safer working environment. 

“At Summit, our goal is to educate our customers and provide sustainable, long-term solutions, while avoiding costly downtime for their industrial facilities,” says CEO Keith Powell. “Our partnership with Nu-Safe now allows us to bring the latest in anti-slip testing, treatments, sealants and high traction cleaners, providing our customers with the most comprehensive flooring solution for their workplace.”

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Rick Edsall

Mar 16, 2016

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Making your Commercial Polished Concrete Look Amazing



Concrete is an inexpensive, durable and long-lasting material to use in the construction of any commercial property. The main problem though is it looks boring. It is cold, absorbs stains and can prove slippery when wet. Does that mean you should replace your concrete with a different material? Not at all. Replacing your concrete flooring, whether in the manufacturing plant or hallways through the building, is an unnecessary expense. Instead, you can make your commercial concrete look amazing by adding a simple polish or other easy to apply treatment.

Bring Out the Shine of Your Concrete

With an epoxy application to your concrete, you instantly add a new level of protection to the flooring. Whether you go with a general epoxy or you decide to use an additive to ensure it improves the grip of the flooring, you will have a beautify, glossy looking floor. The epoxy protects the concrete and blocks out the natural pores of the stone mixture. This way, if there is a spill, whether water, oil or some other chemical, the flooring doesn’t absorb it, so you can avoid those unsightly stains.

Cleaning and taking care of your like-new concrete floor is easy as well. You can simply sweep the floor to remove the general dirt and dust. To give that beautiful polished concrete look, a floor buffer and wax takes the shine of the flooring to the next level. This way, you completely change the look of your commercial property, all without installing a new floor.

The Right Look For Your Property

The best thing about your polished concrete flooring is you can select any color. There is no limit to the options, so if you want it to match your current color palette or if you want it to take on a unique, alternative color, it can happen. Certain acids and stains mixed together possess the ability to completely change the look of the concrete. This way, visitors won’t even know they are walking on a cement floor. It increase the attractiveness of your building without costing you a fortune.

It does not matter what sort of commercial property you own or what sort of work is done, if you have a concrete floor you can always transform the appearance into something beautiful. All you need to do is take advantage of the epoxies, stains, acids and other application options to transform your floor.


Rick Edsall

Dec 16, 2015

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Looking After Polished Concrete Floors in Charleston, SC



A polished concrete floor is an excellent way to save money over other floor materials while using the current concrete in your building. That doesn’t mean you can simply leave the polished concrete floors alone for good. While polished concrete floors are extremely durable and can take just about anything you throw at it, it does require some general maintenance to keep it looking as beautiful as the day you had it done.

General Cleaning

The beautiful thing about polished concrete floors is you can easily sweep and dust it with a dust mop. This helps maintain the pristine look of the flooring in your Charleston, South Carolina building. Wet mopping is a must as well. With a polished floor, it instantly reflects any dirt that might stick to the flooring. A water mop can do the trick when in a pinch, although taking advantage of a floor cleaner helps prevent dirt from sticking so you can spend most of the cleaning time sweeping instead of mopping.

Run a microfiber dust mop over the floor daily. Once a week or so you want to use the wet mop but make sure it is clean water. Mixing in the floor cleaner into the water gives you the extra cleaning power to keep your floors looking beautiful. Make sure the floor cleaning is a neutral formula designed to suspend dirt. This helps prevent the dirt from sticking to the floors.

Polishing the Floor

From time to time you will need to polish the floor to maintain the brilliant shine. When doing this, use an automatic floor scrubber using a nonabrasive pad. This cleans large areas of the flooring, which is great if you have a large surface area to clean. The wet mopping can replace the automatic floor scrubber in small areas or where the scrubber doesn’t reach. The two are interchangeable although the automatic floor scrubber is better if there are tougher stains that have not been cleaned in a while.

Cleaning Stains and Spills

It is important to try and clean spills or stains as quickly as possible. This prevents the absorption of the material into the floor. If you are cleaning grease or oil, give the floor cleaner some time to break down the stain. Let it sit before sweeping of vacuuming. However, you don’t want the cleaning solution to dry. Instead, clean small areas of the polished flooring.

Rick Edsall

Dec 9, 2015

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How to Polish Industrial Concrete Floors



Concrete is one of the strongest, most durable materials used in the construction and building industry. If you’re looking for a practical, industrial strength floor, polished concrete flooring systems provide an affordable solution that will hold up to the heaviest traffic.

Concrete floors are the perfect choice for large commercial and industrial buildings. They’re strong, durable and easy to maintain in warehouses, manufacturing facilities, office buildings, and retail establishments where daily traffic flow is extremely heavy. Concrete polishing will improve the quality of the floors and give them a beautiful, long-lasting surface that’s harder, stronger and stain resistant to water, oil and acids that can etch into bare concrete. It will also reduce maintenance and labor costs and extend the life of the floors by 10 years or more.

By hiring a professional who knows how to polish concrete, floors can be ground down and finished in satin or high-gloss finishes that provide the ultimate no-wax surface. Polishing concrete floors requires a lot of knowledge, skill and experience, so it’s important to hire a professional concrete polishing contractor to do the work. The process requires the use of special heavy-duty polishing machines that are equipped with diamond-impregnated disks. These disks gradually grind down the concrete floor surface to the desired degree of shine and smoothness. Penetrating hardeners which form a hard, crystalline structure are often applied after the first grinding process to strengthen the concrete and add protection from liquids and penetrating stains. Careful attention must be given to floor preparation, especially if existing concrete floors are old or damaged. Polishing without proper preparation may save you money up front, but your floors will be less that perfect and may need to be redone within a short time.

If structurally sound, both old and new concrete floors can be polished. For new floors, no special mix is required, but floors should be allowed to properly cure for at least 30 days before polishing begins. Existing floors typically require some surface preparation before polishing begins. All dirt, grime, grease, imperfections and existing sealers must be removed first. If floors are uneven, damaged, extremely porous, or need extensive repairs, special preparation, techniques, and expertise on how to polish concrete may be necessary for best results.

Concrete polishing offers many benefits and provides a beautiful, long-lasting finish. It’s a great way to create durable, stylish floors for any commercial space.

Rick Edsall

Jul 21, 2015

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Summit Industrial Flooring Excels for GE Aviation in Lafayette, Indiana

Summit Industrial Flooring is proud and honored that GE Aviation and their incredible team has selected us as the preferred flooring contractor on their new facility in Lafayette, Indiana. We have worked alongside some the best companies in the region like GE Aviation for over 25 years, bringing high-quality products, trustworthy services, and superior workmanship to every project we complete. From start to finish, our partners know they are working with a team they can trust to keep them protected, on-time and on-budget.
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Rick Edsall

Feb 10, 2015

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Industrial Floor Coatings – Making the Right Choice

Industrial Floor Coatings

Finishing off your resinous concrete floor with a high quality industrial floor coating is a very economical way to enhance the beauty and utility of your building. Whether you have an area that faces heavy traffic from pedestrians and carts, or if you have laboratory or battery storage area that may need special protection, there is an attractive floor coating for you.
Here are some of the different types of industrial floor coatings and the benefits each of them has.


If you have an industrial type floor that will see only light duty, say maybe a cafeteria or light duty storage room, then you might want to consider a liquid seal floor coating. These are applied in the liquid state and they help to seal your floor for protection. These help protect against scratching, water damage, and chipping of flaking.


For Medium Duty floors you have a choice of liquid seal floor coating or multi layered floors. The liquid seal offers an economical way to protect against sugars and acids and some scratching and chipping. The multi layered industrial floor coatings offer better protection against chipping or flaking and come in a variety of styles and options to give a nice ambiance to your environment.


For heavy duty applications you can apply a heavy duty resin 2-3mm thick. This will offer good protection of the floor from abrasions, scratches and chipping as well as from liquids, sugars and acids. In a hygienic environment you can choose a resin application that will kill bacteria that settle on the floor! Other options include coatings made specifically to withstand rubber abrasions from trolleys and carts or another made to withstand temperature extremes.
Thicker and stronger options are available as well, up to 9mm thick. This is a durable long-lasting coat made for high duty and high traffic areas.  Most are available in different colors and textures.


We all want our floors to fit the environment in which they will be used. This include areas where slips and falls can be especially dangerous or more likely to happen. In this case you may want to put a textured and custom slip resistant top coat on your floor. This will help to reduce accidents and is another way your industrial floor coatings decisions can save your company a lot of money!

Rick Edsall

Dec 15, 2014

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Why Safety Striping is Important

When it comes to reducing workplace accidents, we all know that “safety first” is the motto of every business out there. But beyond the common preventions like hardhats and sturdy ladders, solutions for keeping the job site free from injury also start on the floor. One way businesses can insure their employees take necessary precautions to avoid an accident is by installing safety striping on their floors. Here are just a few things striping can do for your business.

It Keeps Floor Traffic In The Right Lane

Whether it’s a need to direct heavy forklift traffic on a factory floor or loading zones that require precise docking, safety striping can mean the difference between an accident and an efficient job. When you have multiple movement on the floor of your business it’s important to make sure everyone – and everything – stays in its proper lane. Especially in a place where both foot traffic and forklifts are involved, safety striping is the smart choice to make sure everyone on the floor stays within the correct boundary lines for their individual task.

It Keeps Floor Lanes Free Of Clutter

Commercial striping works to keep traffic lines clear of debris and obstacles, thus optimizing workflow. When there are no lines letting workers know what should and what should not be placed in a certain area, the jobsite can easily become cluttered. Having the right stripes in place can create smooth-flowing “traffic patterns” in the workplace.

It Provides The Right Directions

Safety striping not only serves to demarcate lanes of traffic for vehicles and forklifts, but can also be used to provide direction inside buildings of sizeable square footage. Just like on the highway, commercial safety striping not only keeps traffic moving within its proper lanes, but it also helps with providing direction to the right destination.

It Can Be Fun

Though workplace safety has a reputation for being rather boring, keeping the workplace moving forward safely and smoothly can also take on a creative edge. The common yellows and whites of safety lines can be exchanged for greens, purples, or many other colors, and distance markers can even be replaced with graphics of company logos or other custom graphics.

To Find Out More

For more information about how safety striping can help your workplace stay injury-free, contact Summit Industrial Flooring. They are dedicated to making safety the top priority in your business, and have been serving the flooring needs of clients like you for nearly 25 years.

Rick Edsall

Dec 1, 2014

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Four Ways to be More Green

Today we all know the importance of going “green” and making sure that our businesses are as friendly to the environment as possible. Being eco-smart not only includes basic solutions like recycling and water conservation, but also using industrial flooring and coating options that will help your company be more effective at preserving the ecosystems in your area. Here are just a few ways the right flooring and coating options will ensure you stay green.

Finished Concrete Floors

As sustainability pioneers David Johnston and Scott Gibson point out in their book Green From the Ground Up, the most attractive feature of installing a finished concrete floor with high fly-ash content will probably be the money you’ll save by not installing wood flooring or carpet. But even beyond the lower cost, high fly-ash concrete is a recycled industrial byproduct, which is one way to ensure your business remains eco-friendly. Johnston and Gibson also point out that concrete, unlike carpet, won’t trap allergens, dust, and mold, which helps maintain high indoor air quality. 

Secondary Containment

If your facility deals with waste or hazardous chemicals, then you know that the EPA necessitates that you must have a secondary containment system in place to prevent unwanted ecological damage. These systems are designed to prevent any wastes or accumulated liquid from seeping into the concrete and thereby eventually reaching the soil, ground water, or surface water in case of an emergency spill or accident.

Knowledge is power when it comes to taking preventative measures, so if you’re not sure if your secondary containment system is meeting your current traffic and wear demands, or is in compliance with ISO 9000, OSHA, and USDA regulations, then you should schedule a consultation to make sure nearby soil and water will be kept safe should the undesirable happen.

Floor Corrosion

The problems of corrosive sulfuric acid are always present in treatment facilities and other industries that generate hazardous waste. When hydrogen sulfide gas reacts with oxygen, sulfuric acid forms, which can lead to all kinds of infrastructure problems. Acid will undermine portland concrete and create pock marks on concrete surfaces, leading to dangerous corrosion.

Even if you continually treat your flooring with reparative coatings, sulfuric acid and other acidic agents can eventually break down your flooring and other cement structures. This means that finding the right preventative coating solutions, as well as choosing the best sealing treatment for repair jobs, will be vitally important for the safety of your facility.

Tank Corrosion

Storage tanks are also prone to corrosion, so they need the right protective lining to keep unwanted and hazardous leaks from slowing down your business. Knowing about heavy-duty linings, solvent-free solid systems, and/or single-coat applications will ensure corrosion won’t be a problem eating you up at work! 

To learn more about how to make your business more eco-friendly, contact Summit Industrial Flooring. They are a top industrial floor coating and surfacing company that has been serving clients for nearly 25 years.

Rick Edsall

Sep 10, 2014

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Cutting Corners in Surface Preparation Could End Up Costing You

If you are not in the flooring industry, you most likely would like to complete your concrete floor repairs as quickly as possible so that you can get back to managing your business. However, the coating of your concrete floor should not be a rush job. Cutting corners during the process of coating your concrete floor could end up costing you a lot of money, especially during surface preparation. So before you skip out on steps during the surface preparation process, consider the following consequences of such an action:

Your attempt at applying a coating could fail

Oil, grease, dirt dust and other contaminants cover the surface of most concrete floors. If you do not detect and remove them before applying a coat, the coating will most likely fail; this means that you will have wasted a great deal of time. It also forces you to invest in additional materials to complete the finishing of your floor.

You could damage your concrete floor

Certain contaminants won’t just cause your coating attempt to fail. Some will have an adverse reaction with the coating agent that will completely ruin your concrete floors. If this happens, you will have to invest in the services of a concrete floor repair company before proceeding any further.

You could void the manufacturer’s warranty of your concrete floor

If your floor is damaged due to negligence, i.e., cutting corners during surface preparation, then the warranty that protects your concrete floor likely won’t cover the any of the cost of the concrete floor repair.

You could trap small particles in your concrete floor

As various pieces of equipment and people traverse your concrete floors, loose concrete chips and similar particles will start to cover the uncoated concrete. Although they will not prevent you from completing the concrete floor coating process, if you do not remove these contaminants, they will become permanently trapped underneath of the coating.

Bottom line: Do not cut corners during the surface preparation process.

These are just a few of the potential negative consequences of cutting corners during the surface preparation process. To learn more about the possible consequences of cutting corners, what to do if they occur and other concrete flooring tips, contact Summit Industrial Flooring. For nearly a quarter of a century, they have been providing customers with some of the best commercial floor coating and surfacing services that you can find anywhere.

Rick Edsall

Sep 3, 2014

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Why Polish Concrete?

While normal concrete is a strong, inexpensive building material, it is porous, erodes, collects dust and susceptible to moisture damage. Fortunately, all of these problems — and more — can be avoided with a concrete floor sealant. Here is how the professional installation of polished concrete flooring systems will improve your concrete floors:

It makes your concrete floor dust proof

Excessive dust on your floors creates a number of problems. For example, it detracts from the look of a room, it makes the floors more slippery and it can be a hazard to those with severe allergies.
By polishing your floors with a concrete floor sealant, you ensure that your floors are completely dust proof.

It causes less wear on your equipment

Although you might not notice, porous, uneven concrete floors wear down the equipment that traverses it. This happens in a very similar way to how gravely or rocky roads cause undue wear on cars.
Like a well-paved road, polished concrete floors are smooth, while still retaining enough friction to be safe.

It increases your concrete floor’s hardness

Concrete that chips, cracks or develops large holes is a big safety hazard that can cause you some serious problems.
Upgrading your concrete floor by implementing a polished concrete flooring system allows you to mitigate this risk. This is due to the fact that coating your floor with a concrete floor sealant increases the hardness of your concrete floor by three to four times.

It seals your concrete floor against liquids

Although it has a reputation for getting harder over time, after concrete is laid, it is still susceptible to being weakened by excessive moisture. Since unsealed concrete is porous, water and other liquids have easy access to reduce the hardness of your concrete floors.
Sealing your concrete floors with polished concrete flooring systems waterproofs your floors, ensuring that no liquid can seep in and damage it.

It looks great


Having your concrete floor professionally polished doesn’t just protect it from damage. It also adds a beautiful sheen that will enhance the look of your room. If you have a showroom or large retail sales floor made of concrete, polishing it is a must.

To learn more

For more information about the benefits of polished concrete and who can get the job done for you, contact Summit Industrial Flooring. They have been serving the flooring needs of clients like you for nearly 25 years.