Katharine Ames

Feb 2, 2017

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How To Solve Sweating Floors Or Condensation On Concrete

Have Sweating Floors Or Condensation On Your Concrete? We Can Help.

sweating floors

Have you ever noticed a thin layer of moisture on your concrete floors in the morning? That condensation on your concrete means you have sweating floors. While your floors did put in a good hard day of work, the sweating floors are actually the result of a temperature change. On a humid night, the water vapor of a warm day comes in contact with the cooler ground, and condenses (on your floors) into morning dew. Unfortunately, the moisture build up isn’t your biggest problem. When the dew forms it draws out any grease or oil residue that have seeped into the concrete pores. The result is a slippery surface and a serious hazard for employees and machinery.

The U.S. Department of Labor reported that slips and falls account for over 95 million lost work days per year. Additionally, The National Floor Safety Council of America recorded nearly $70 billion is spent each year on medical expenses and workers’ compensation for slip and fall accidents. Don’t become a statistic and stop the problem before it develops with one of Nu-Safe’s proven floor safety strategies and products.  While every floor is different and requires a visit to determine the proper solution, Nu-Safe’s anti-slip floor treatments/chemicals – RED-X, Maintain and Friction – are specifically designed to combat your sweating floors.

RED-X, Maintain and Friction are ‘High Traction’ anti-slip floor treatments/chemicals that draw out the grease and oil residues that build up in your concrete, helping to minimize these issues. These biodegradable anti-slip floor chemicals feature unique technology that increases the coefficient of friction on your concrete floors. The applied areas will now have a less slippery surface even when wet or contaminated, and there is no change in surface appearance.

Want to discuss how we can help you create a safer facility? Contact us today for a free floor estimate.

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