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General Tool’s epoxy mortar floors couldn’t hold up very long under the extreme weight and traffic that the facility was imposing on it. We removed the epoxy, patched and polished their concrete and gave them just what they needed. The floor has lasted 3 times as long as any floor they had before.

The Problem

General Tool is a facility that works on large parts for all types of equipment. They had been installing epoxy mortar systems for years and with the extreme weight loads on the floor, no system would hold up long-term.

The Solution

The polished concrete that Summit installed has lasted three times longer than any other system General Tool had used in the past. It has created a smooth surface for transporting their products and is easy to maintain.

The Process

Remove all the existing epoxy mortar and patch the concrete. Polish the concrete so the facility had a smooth surface to transport the heavy loads across without jeopardizing the manufactured parts.

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