Sinclair Community College

Project Type

Sinclair needed to get their kitchen floor waterproofed so it would stop causing damage to other parts of the building. We saved them time and money, and did the job right.

The Problem

The old kitchen floor with loose tile in a wet environment was causing leaks to the areas below the kitchen. The areas below this kitchen just happen to be the college’s records keeping department. The kitchen was a very important part of dining on campus and could not be closed for an extended period of time for repairs.

The Solution

The College had a two week time period to get the kitchen finished and back in operation. Summit completed this project 3 days early and saved the college approximately $80,000 when compared to their competitors bid. The kitchen was fully functioning and waterproof when the students came back from holiday break.

The Process

Summit came up with a process to pour new concrete in the area and have it cured for a new epoxy system to be installed. Summit installed the new epoxy system to the kitchen area with an anti-slip finish.

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