Wright Patterson Air Force Base

Project Type

With high level clients coming in to visit, this high tech facility needed a floor facelift. Thankfully, our three coat epoxy floor system up was up to the challenge.

Summit provided a highly durable floor that met safety standards for slips and falls and took the punishment from forklift traffic. After over a year, we are still pleased with the results.

Lawrence M. Leny
Lawrence M. Leny
Wright Patterson Air Force Base

The Problem

This high tech facility, which is 70 years old, looked run down and was not presentable to the dignitaries that were coming to the facility for tours. The concrete was cracked, spalled and did not give the appearance the owners wanted to portray to their clients.

The Solution

Summit’s expert installed an epoxy floor that has made the staff and visitors of the facility proud of their building. WPAFB employees have said that visitors at the facility cannot believe how the building looks now with the epoxy flooring being the main difference to the building.

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