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May 2, 2017

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FDA and USDA Approved Flooring Regulations

Rusty Bull Brewery

In the beverage industry, one necessary step to take when building a facility is meeting FDA and USDA approved flooring regulations . So when the Rusty Bull Brewery took an old automotive shop and turned it into a brewery, we provided the professional flooring services to guide them through the process in meeting those federal government standards.

Rusty Bull Brewery

The food and beverage industry has mandatory environmental regulations for all operator’s floors due to the risks associated with handling food or beverage in unsafe or unsanitary conditions.  This is especially true in a beverage manufacturing facility, as the yeast used to make alcoholic beverages contains microorganisms that naturally assist in the fermentation process. When there is a spill on an untreated floor, these organisms will seep into any small crevice or crack and grow into more bacteria overtime, thus creating more cracks and an unsanitary environment. epoxy floor system in the brewing area.  Because of this, Rusty Bull knew they needed a FDA and USDA approved flooring system.

Rusty Bull Brewery

The application process was a FDA and USDA approved flooring industrial strength three coat epoxy broadcast system in the brew area, which would keep any and all bacteria and pathogens (from spills) from seeping into the concrete. The epoxy surface has the structural integrity to withstand abrasive cleaning procedures and cleaning chemicals, for when the brewery is sanitizing the work area. This seamless epoxy flooring system will provide premier protection from any spill, odorless and easy to clean surface and is a cost-effective solution as the lifetime of your floors is increase by 10 years.

Want to discuss how we can help you create a safer facility? Contact us today for a free floor estimate.

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