Rick Edsall

Mar 16, 2016

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Making your Commercial Polished Concrete Look Amazing



Concrete is an inexpensive, durable and long-lasting material to use in the construction of any commercial property. The main problem though is it looks boring. It is cold, absorbs stains and can prove slippery when wet. Does that mean you should replace your concrete with a different material? Not at all. Replacing your concrete flooring, whether in the manufacturing plant or hallways through the building, is an unnecessary expense. Instead, you can make your commercial concrete look amazing by adding a simple polish or other easy to apply treatment.

Bring Out the Shine of Your Concrete

With an epoxy application to your concrete, you instantly add a new level of protection to the flooring. Whether you go with a general epoxy or you decide to use an additive to ensure it improves the grip of the flooring, you will have a beautify, glossy looking floor. The epoxy protects the concrete and blocks out the natural pores of the stone mixture. This way, if there is a spill, whether water, oil or some other chemical, the flooring doesn’t absorb it, so you can avoid those unsightly stains.

Cleaning and taking care of your like-new concrete floor is easy as well. You can simply sweep the floor to remove the general dirt and dust. To give that beautiful polished concrete look, a floor buffer and wax takes the shine of the flooring to the next level. This way, you completely change the look of your commercial property, all without installing a new floor.

The Right Look For Your Property

The best thing about your polished concrete flooring is you can select any color. There is no limit to the options, so if you want it to match your current color palette or if you want it to take on a unique, alternative color, it can happen. Certain acids and stains mixed together possess the ability to completely change the look of the concrete. This way, visitors won’t even know they are walking on a cement floor. It increase the attractiveness of your building without costing you a fortune.

It does not matter what sort of commercial property you own or what sort of work is done, if you have a concrete floor you can always transform the appearance into something beautiful. All you need to do is take advantage of the epoxies, stains, acids and other application options to transform your floor.


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