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Floor Safety Program

How A Floor Safety Program Can Help Reduce Slip and Fall Accidents

Businessman Falling on Wet Floor

You need a floor safety program because according to the National Floor Safety Council, nearly $70 billion is spent each year on medical expenses and workers’ compensation for employee slip and fall accidents. If that isn’t enough, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that the total annual cost (direct and indirect) for fall injuries will reach $54.9 billion by the year 2020. Don’t let your company be a statistic.

Even if your company has a safety program in place, a separate floor safety program should be a priority because it will help prevent slip-and fall-accidents and also show due diligence if a lawsuit is filed.

To be effective, your floor safety program should include a number of key components that will work hand in hand:

  • Walkway Audit – A walkway audit, followed by routine audits performed quarterly, or at least annually. Audits should be performed by a Walkway Auditor, certified by the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI)chemicals.
  • Employee Training – Training your employees in floor safety, which may consist of proper maintenance procedures, proper cleanup protocol, proper sign placement, and near-miss reporting.
  • Employee Tools – Ensuring employees have the correct tools to complete the job, such as an adequate amount of “wet floor” signs, proper cleaning material, spill containment, and so forth.
  • Proper Matting – Proper matting for entrances that will keep contaminants from entering the building and lowering the floors’ traction.
  • Employee Policies – A good slip-resistant shoe policy in your program; even though you can’t require your customers to wear slip-resistant shoes, you can require this of your employees.

If all of these elements are included in your company’s floor safety program, you can be sure the results will show in fewer slips and falls.

For more information and to locate a Summit Industrial Flooring recommended and certified walkway auditor, contact Keith at 937-534-1534.

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