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Tank Linings

Trustworthy Tank Linings To Keep Your Business Safe

Tank linings are designed to keep materials contained, but a failed or flawed lining can allow leaks – or worse – to harm your business.

Over time, corrosion, improper product storage, electrochemical processes, and even water can compromise your tank lining.

Leaks mean expensive cleanup, damaged equipment, lost inventory, and safety and environmental hazards. Leaks mean down time, paperwork, and precious dollars lost.

Summit Industrial configures and installs a comprehensive line of internal and external tank lining systems designed to prevent those kinds of accidents. Whether your facility requires heavy duty, solvent-free or single coat, Summit Industrial’s systems are designed to meet just about any storage requirement, including high pressure, high temperature immersion, abrasion resistance, and dramatic pH swings. Our state-of-the-art polymer lining technology protects the purity of high-grade chemicals and solvents.

Summit Industrial offers three types of tank lining solutions:

  1. Heavy Duty Lining Systems— Heavy duty systems protect against corrosion from stored products or corrosion from condensation and bacteria. 
Added Benefit: Long-lasting.
  2. Solvent-Free Solid Systems—Solvent-free systems protect against hazards associated with emissions from solvents in enclosed environments, such as tanks. 
Added Benefit: Environmentally safe.
  3. Single Coat Applications—Single coat systems protect against pitting and uneven surfaces with a non-shrinking, self-leveling action.
 Added Benefit: Rapid curing ensures a speedy return to business-as-usual.

Summit Industrial has chosen these lines of products to meet the strict demands and unique challenges of the chemical and petrochemical industries. Our experts will evaluate your needs and current installations, make recommendations or refer you to someone who can answer your questions. If you have unusual or critical tank storage needs, please give us a call at 866-877-7460.

  • Storage Tanks
  • Thickening Tanks
  • Tank Bottoms
  • Bins
  • Hoppers
  • Filters
  • DI Water Tanks
  • Reactors
  • Sumps

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