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Nov 16, 2016

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Summit Industrial Flooring And Nu-Safe Announce Partnership

Summit Industrial Flooring And Nu-Safe Announce Partnership

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Founded by CCAA-certified Master Craftsman Keith Powell, Summit Industrial Flooring announces an exclusive partnership with Nu-Safe Anti-Slip Floor Solutions. Summit’s Comprehensive Floor Safety systems and experience combined with NuSafe’s extensive product and industry knowledge significantly reduce the risk of employee slip and fall accidents and protect your facility from liability and exposure. 

The National Floor Safety Council of America recorded nearly $70 billion is spent each year on medical expenses and workers’ compensation for slip and fall accidents.  Summit Industrial Flooring’s partnership with Nu-Safe is poised to significantly reduce the number of slip and fall incidents for companies and provide long term solutions for a safer working environment. 

“At Summit, our goal is to educate our customers and provide sustainable, long-term solutions, while avoiding costly downtime for their industrial facilities,” says CEO Keith Powell. “Our partnership with Nu-Safe now allows us to bring the latest in anti-slip testing, treatments, sealants and high traction cleaners, providing our customers with the most comprehensive flooring solution for their workplace.”

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